Business Trip Packing List Toiletries – Don´t Forget Anything

Business Trip Packing List Toiletries – Don´t Forget Anything

Business Trip Packing List – Essentials You Definitely Shouldn't Leave Behind
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Ahh yeah, I remember when I was still in college, I always wanted a job where I had to go on business trips. As exhausting as they are, they do take you places. But as with every trip we take, whether for business or pleasure, we need to pack our bags! Find here a business trip packing list with all the essentials you need so your appointments & meetings won´t turn into a disaster.

P.S. I once forgot to pack my toothpaste, and they wanted to charge me $ 10 for one tube at the hotel!!!

This brings us to the first Business Trip Packing List essential:

Business Trip Packing List: Toiletries 

Your toiletries are one of the most important parts to pack.

1. Your toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash, floss etc.

If you forget to pack those, you will be LOST! A genius hack is to buy an extra pair so you won´t risk forgetting them. Find a perfect travel kit here!

2. Your Hairbrush

I once forgot to pack my hairbrush, so I had to borrow one from my coworker. Another great hack is to keep one in your purse or handbag/travel bag as an essential item. Find here some travel hairbrushes!

Here is a list of 14 handbag essentials you should always carry.

3. Face Cream/Moisturizer

Forgetting your face cream can be catastrophic! I mean, our skin just needs care. A great item to never forget your cream is those travel-size containers! They are stylish, leakproof, and so practical. Plus, you can keep them in your travel bag at all times & just refill them the next time you hit the road.

4. Your Everyday Makeup Items

You need to look neat & put together on business trips. That´s one essential aspect of your appearance. Mascara, concealer & a highlighter/bronzer stick are Business Trip Packing List essentials.

5. Period Products

Our periods don´t care if we are on vacation, working, or on a business trip. When it’s their time, it’s their time! So, having period products as an essential part of your business trip bag is vital. You should always have whatever period product you use in your bag.

Have you heard of menstrual cups?
One advantage they have is that you can put them in before your period starts!

6. Your Deodorant

Deodorants are a staple of our everyday morning routine. Forgetting to pack one can turn into a smelly & uncomfortable business day!

7. Shampoo, Conditioner & Shower Gel

Even though most hotels have some kind of shampoo & shower gel in the shower, we probably all have our own products suitable for our hair. To avoid a bad hair day on a business trip, you should always have travel-size bottles of your shampoo & conditioner with you.

8. Travel Size Perfume

If wearing perfume is part of your everyday routine before leaving the house, you won´t feel whole if you don´t wear some on business trips! Those little travel perfume bottles are so practical. You can fill them with different perfumes & throw them in your bag.

9. Makeup brushes, Q-Tips

To finish off your daily makeup, you need your brushes, Q-Tips, etc. It is wise to have an extra set you only keep in your business travel bag so you won´t risk forgetting those.

10. Face Wash

As grown women who go on business trips, we know that we don´t wash our faces with soap! So, to keep your skincare routine & your skin health on top, don´t forget your facial cleanser. Again, travel containers are gold here.

11. Razor

You can now get travel razors, which have the razor, the shaving cream & aftershave included. Find yours here!

12. Your Meds

If you have prescriptions, you need to pack enough for the time you’re on the road. A travel pill case like this is very helpful.

13. Towles

Ok, this one is not really essential since hotels provide towels, but I usually pack one towel since you don´t know what kind of towels are being provided.

If you stick to this Business Trip Packing List you should be good to go & can fully focus on your work!