Chrome Nails – Do the Trend Manicure Yourself at Home!

Chrome Nails – Do the Trend Manicure Yourself at Home!

chrome nails
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Chrome nails have been an absolute trend. There are various ways to create this manicure yourself – you can use chrome powder with gel nail polish or regular nail polish. Read here how to do chrome nails yourself in just a few steps using the mentioned methods!

Chrome Nails with Powder step-by-step

Chrome powder is a standard method that gives the best result for doing chrome nails yourself. You can do this with gel nail polish or with regular one:

With Gel Nail Polish

If you want to do chrome nails as gel nails with chrome powder, you will need your gel nails kit for a regular gel manicure, a dark UV nail color (preferably black), and chrome powder.

Step #1

Manicure your nails as usual. With all the steps, from buffing to top coat.

Here is a detailed tutorial on how to do a gel nails at home!

It is important that you are using a very dark color. Black is particularly suitable.

Step #2

As soon as you have applied the top coat and cured it under the UV lamp, wipe away the layer of perspiration. Now, it’s time to use the chrome powder. You can apply this with a sponge and massage it onto the nail. Then, apply another layer of top coat and cure it under the UV lamp. Your chrome nails are ready!

With Regular Nail Polish

If you want to do the chrome nails with regular nail polish, you can do this in just a few steps:

Step #1

Paint your nails with a clear base coat, dark nail polish (e.g., dark red or black), and a clear top coat.

Important: The nail polish must be completely dry!

Step #2

After the clear top coat has dried, the chrome powder is used. You can apply the powder to your nails with a sponge and massage it in. To set the powder, apply another layer of clear top coat. Your hot chrome nails are ready!

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