Cuticle Oil Bath – This DIY Hand Bath will Revive Dry Cuticles!

Cuticle Oil Bath – This DIY Hand Bath will Revive Dry Cuticles!

cuticle oil bath
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Dry cuticles look nasty and can be incredibly painful … not just the look makes dry skin around your nails a nuisance. Bacteria and germs can easily penetrate the tears and cause inflammation! That’s why taking care of your cuticles is essential. A DIY cuticle oil bath can relieve pain & “repair” the damaged skin. Find here a super easy tutorial/recipe for a homemade hand bath to make your cuticles & hands look and feel amazing.

Homemade Cuticle Oil Bath:

Step #1: Grit your Teeth

Do not pull, nibble, or pick at the dry cuticles! This often leads to more skin being torn off and a bleeding wound.

Step #2: Taking a Bath

You can make a warm DIY hand bath to treat your dry cuticles. With a few nourishing ingredients, you can make a tincture for your damaged hands:

Ingredients Homemade Oil Bath:

Mix the lukewarm water with the olive oil and soak your fingers in the nail bath for about 10 minutes.

Step #3: Just a Trim

After the nail bath, dry your hands and CAREFULLY remove the protruding or torn cuticles with very fine nail scissors or cuticle nippers.

Step #4: Aftercare

Massage your cuticles with a rich cuticle cream or cuticle oil.

Step #5: Keep Going

Now, it’s time to keep at it. For your cuticles to heal and prevent future tearing, they need to be well cared for. Use the cuticle cream/oil daily, especially after washing your hands, doing dishes, or taking a bath/shower.

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With the proper care, you can keep your cuticles healthy & beautiful. Some of the other blog posts offer super easy tutorials for the hottest nail trends. Why don´t you check them out!