Desk Organization – 13 Items You Need for a Productive Day

Desk Organization – 13 Items You Need for a Productive Day

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No matter how much you love your desk job, if your workspace isn´t equipped with the right items, working can become a hassle … those 13 desk organization ideas are the essentials you need to create the perfect work environment to boost your productivity!

Desk Organizer

One of the most important desk organization must-haves is a desk organizer! Trays, bins, and drawer organizers take center stage, banishing clutter and giving your pens, papers, and office supplies a chic home.


Not only does your desk need to be organized, but the same goes for your thoughts during work! Keep a variety of purpose-specific notebooks close at hand, transforming your desk into a hub of desk organization for project planning, meeting notes, and personal ideas.


From pens in various colors and thicknesses to trusty pencils for spontaneous bursts of creativity, your desk is the canvas, and you’re the organized artist.


Master your schedule in style! Choose a calendar or planner that aligns with your vibe, making it the heartbeat of your desk organization. Deadlines, meetings, and goals will bow down to your newfound organizational prowess.

Mouse & Keyboard

Break free from limitations! Elevate your workspace with an extra keyboard and mouse, allowing you to conquer tasks without being confined to the small laptop keyboard & mousepad. Welcome to the next level of desk organization.

Phone Holder

Say goodbye to a falling or slipping phone during video calls! The Phone Holder is your sleek solution for keeping your device at arm’s length and stability during your calls, which makes it a must-have for your desk organization.

Cable Clips

Tame the cable jungle! Embrace a clutter-free existence with cable organizers or clips, bringing order to the chaos and elevating your desk organization game to new heights.

Desk Clock

Seize control of your time! Place a desk clock strategically to stay focused during hectic workdays. It’s not just a desk organization item. Having an external clock on your phone will minimize the risk of getting distracted by your phone when checking the time.

Trash Can

Maintain the serenity of your space! A discreet trash can within reach ensures quick waste disposal, keeping your desk organization game strong and clutter-free.

Desk Vacuum

The desk vacuum is your go-to for maintaining a spotless workspace, turning your desk into a canvas for productivity and desk organization perfection.

Wall Organizer/Whiteboard

Display important dates and tasks on a wall calendar or whiteboard, using different colors to create a mesmerizing visual feast of desk organization.

Desk Mat

A textured desk mat isn’t just protection; it’s a luxurious touch for your writing and mouse endeavors, completing the picture of a well-organized workspace.

Power Strip

A power strip consolidates, eliminating clutter and simplifying device charging. Your desk organization journey just got a power-packed upgrade!

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