Dip Powder Nails – 5 Common Mistakes to Avoid!

Dip Powder Nails – 5 Common Mistakes to Avoid!

dip powder nails mistakes
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Achieving the perfect dip powder manicure can be tricky, and if your nails aren’t holding, you might be making some common mistakes. Find here 5 mistakes to avoid for flawless dip powder nails.

Mistake #1: You didn´t clean your nails properly

Regardless of whether there is still residue from an old manicure, cream, lotion, etc., on your nails, these can cause the dip powder nails not to hold. That´s why you should clean your nails with a primer before starting with the dip powder manicure.

Mistake #2: Nails not properly roughened

For the dip powder manicure to hold, it is important that you buff your nails properly and remove your cuticles.

Find here a guide on how to properly care for your cuticles!

Mistake #3: Wrong sequence of steps

The order of the individual steps is essential because the steps are precisely coordinated to achieve the right hold and effect. One reason the dip powder nails do not hold may be that the layers were not applied correctly.

Mistake #4: Applying too quickly

To ensure that each layer has time to develop its effect, the time specified in the instructions should be adhered to. If you do not give the individual layers enough time to adhere, the dipping powder nails may not hold.

Mistake #5: Applying too thick

Another reason the dip powder nails don’t hold is that the layers are applied too thickly. The thicker the layer, the longer it takes to dry.


Dip Powder Nails can last up to 3 weeks when applied properly. If you avoid those common mistakes, you can have a lasting manicure. Are nails, hair, and healthy living your world? Then why don´t you check the other blog posts out to find more inspiration?