Face Icing – The Ultimate Guide for the Perfect Glow!

Face Icing – The Ultimate Guide for the Perfect Glow!

face icing
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Have you heard about the new trend of Face Icing, where the skin is treated with ice-cold beauty tools for that special glow? Refreshing the skin with ice cubes is not that new. However, some handy tools can now replace the ice cubes and enhance the effect.

Read here how you can treat your face step by step with face icing and which gadgets and recipes can help with acne, tired eyes, and aging.

Step #1: Clean your Face

Before you treat your face with a face icing tool, you should wash your face first. Swiping over your skin can spread dirt and bacteria. Washing removes any possible dirt.

Step #2: Face Icing

After your Face Icing Tool has been in the freezer long enough and is ready, massage your face in circular motions. If it’s too cold, wrap your icing device in a clean cloth and rub it over your skin.

While face icing, you mustn’t leave the cooling device in one spot for too long. In extreme cases, this could lead to frostbite. Moving the skin icing tool over the face in moderate-pressure movements is best.

Step #3: Relaxed Aftercare

After the face icing treatment, dry your face with a clean towel. You can apply your daily skincare now: face cream, serum, etc.

How often do you treat the face with ice?

If your skin tolerates face icing well, you can include it in your daily skincare routine.

Face Icing for Tired, Puffy Eyes

Several devices are perfect for helping tired, puffy eyes go down:

Ice Rollers

Ice rollers are perfect for face icing for the eye area. They lie well in the hand and can massage the eyes thanks to their shape.

Ice roller with caffeine, cucumber, etc.

An ice roller is an oval silicone mold that you can fill with water and then put in the freezer to freeze. The great thing about an ice roller is mixing other skin-care “ingredients” into the water.

You can mix coffee or black tea into the water to give your eyes an extra freshness boost. The caffeine helps stimulate lymphatic flow.

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Cucumbers also work wonders for tired eyes. They contain valuable vitamins that help your skin glow. Either slice or grate the cucumber and put it in the ice-roller with the water. Freeze and refresh the eyes.

Face Icing for light Acne

An Icing Cube is also ideal for light acne. You can mix skin-soothing ingredients into your water. Chamomile tea, aloe vera, or tea tree oil are just some ingredients you can add to the Icing Cube. Rose water is also said to help against blackheads and co.

Face Icing Anti-Aging

For an anti-aging face icing treatment, you can mix hyaluronic acid or vitamin C into your icing cube. Or you can get a prepared mixture right away.


When used correctly, this skincare routine can make your skin glow. If you are looking for other tutorials, e.g., on trendy nail designs, check out the other blog posts.