Feel-Good Reads – 7 Books to Read to Chase the Blues Away!

Feel-Good Reads – 7 Books to Read to Chase the Blues Away!

Feel-Good Reads – 7 Books to Read to Chase the Blues Away!
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A good book can captivate us and transport us to another world! So, finding a story that makes us feel good, is funny & lets us turn to the next page in anticipation is just worth GOLD! Find here 7 books that will make you smirk while reading & will leave you feeling good. P.S. Some are volumes, meaning if you fell in love with one, there are more!

Feel-Good Read #1

The Supremes at Big-Earl’s-All-You-Can-Eat By Edward Kelsey Moore

This one follows three lifelong friends from a small town in Indiana through the past 40 years of their lives. With all the ups and downs … reading it will transport you to the infamous diner the three divas call home!

Find your copy here! The good news is that there is a sequel, The Supremes Sing the Happy Heartache Blues, which is as riveting.

Feel-Good Read #2

A Vicky Hill Exclusive! By Hannah Dennison

I found this funny, witty gem of a feel-good read when looking for books at a Waterstones store in London. The protagonist, Vicky Hill, is a cup reporter for a small Devon Newspaper. She is mainly responsible for writing obituaries, until one day, a hint might lead her to the scoop of a lifetime …

Find your copy here! If Vicky hooked you on this one, you´ll be glad to hear that this is only the first book in the series – there are five as of now!

Feel-Good Read #3

The Good News Gazette By Jessi Wells

Nine years ago, Zoe Taylor returned to Westholme from London pregnant and jobless. Now facing unemployment, she rallies her friends to launch The Good News Gazette. But with all things in life, of course, there are problems… 

Find your book here. This feel-good read has a sequel as well!

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Feel-Good Read #4

The Burnout By Sophie Kinsella

Sophie Kinsella has been around for years and has blessed us with quite a bit of funny, feel-good reads! One you should definitely add to your collection is The Burnout. Overwhelmed by corporate life, Sasha escapes to a seaside resort for a break. There, she meets Finn, equally stressed. As they unravel mysterious messages on the beach, they confront their burnout and rediscover forgotten passions, sparking a connection between them.

Find your copy here!

Feel-Good Read #5

The Old Duck´s Club By Maddie Please

Who said you have to be bitter when you’re past 60 & single … Meet Sophia, who feels lost until she meets the spirited trio called the Old Ducks. Embracing their lively antics, she joins their club, shedding her old life and rediscovering joy. Encounters with her Greek neighbor, Theo, hint at a chance for love if she’s willing to leap.

Find your book here! And, of course, there is a sequel as well.

Feel-Good Read #6

Merde at the Paris Olympics By Stephen Clarke

This funny, feel-good read is set in Paris but isn´t about Emily in Paris! This one is from the series A Year in the Merde (which means shi* in English). This comedic tale is set in Paris during the 2024 Olympics. Englishman Paul West reluctantly joins a campaign to make pétanque an Olympic sport, navigates love and bureaucratic hurdles, and witnesses his friend Jake’s creation of the “Nolympics.” Let the chaos unfold.

Find your copy of the latest French Sh** here & the entire series here!

Feel-Good Read #7

Murder at Honeychurch Hall By Hannah Dennison

This one is by Hannah Dennison as well & even though it has murder in its title, it can be considered a feel-good read. Again set in the English countryside, Kat plans to start an antique business, but her mother, Iris, shocks Kat by buying a decrepit carriage house at Honeychurch Hall. Strange occurrences follow, including a missing nanny and a dead housekeeper. Kat uncovers her mother’s hidden past as she navigates through a web of murder and intrigue at Honeychurch Hall.

You can find your copy here. Murder at Honeychurch Hall is only book 1 of a series that includes a dozen other books!