Flying with baby – What do I have to Consider?

Flying with baby – What do I have to Consider?

flying with baby
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The first flight with your baby is not only exciting for the little one but also for you, the parents. When planning a flight with a baby, numerous questions pop into your head: What can I take with me? What do I have to pay special attention to? Before boarding a plane with your little one, several things need to be considered. Read here how you can best prepare for flying with a baby!

Flying with Baby: When can you start flying with a baby?

There is no strict age limit on the part of the airline for flying with a baby. Most airlines allow flying for newborns between 7 and 14 days old. If parents provide a medical certificate, some airlines allow infants as young as 48 hours old on board.

Pediatricians advise against flying with babies younger than six weeks because their lungs are not fully developed.

In addition, the immune system of newborns still needs to be stronger to protect against viruses and bacteria on board. If the child has no health restrictions, experts say that from the 4th or 5th month, flying with the baby is okay.

Flying with Baby: Do I need a ticket, or can my baby sit on my lap?

When flying with a baby, a ticket must also be booked for babies. However, parents do not have to pay the total price. The price for children under 2 years old is 10% of the regular fare.

Although you must book a ticket for your baby, infants up to 2 years old are not entitled to a seat.

Flying with Baby: Does my baby need a passport?

When flying with your baby, even a baby needs a passport if the flight is going abroad. No one is allowed to travel without a valid passport, no matter how young the person is. Therefore, it is important to apply for a child passport for your baby in time before you book the flight.

Can I fly with a stroller or buggy?

When flying with a baby, strollers, and buggies may be taken along free of charge. Foldable strollers can even be taken up to the aircraft door. From there, the flight crew will take care of the stroller. After landing, it will be brought back to you immediately.

Flying with baby: What is allowed in the hand luggage/diaper bag?

Perhaps one of the most important questions is what is allowed in the hand luggage, i.e., in the diaper bag? Medication and baby food needed during the flight may be taken. But these items must also be presented at the security check.

Of course, diapers, wet wipes, and changing clothes are also allowed. You can pack the diaper bag as usual without fear of leaving anything behind at the security check.

Tip: Pack a blanket. There may be temperature fluctuations on the plane.

Flying with Baby: night or day flight?

If you think a night flight is more stressful for the baby, you’re wrong. Experts advise booking a night flight whenever possible. The reason for this is that the little ones keep their sleep rhythm and get the best rest. So, for long-haul flights, a night flight is the best solution when flying with your baby.

Pressure equalization for babies during the flight

Babies can also get pressure on their ears when flying. This can happen, especially if the little one has had a cold before. To help your baby equalize the pressure, you can simply give the baby a pacifier or a bottle during the climb and descent and takeoff and landing.

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