14 Gym Bag Essentials – What you need at the gym!

14 Gym Bag Essentials – What you need at the gym!

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What could be more annoying and put a bigger damper on your training motivation than arriving at the gym and realizing you’ve forgotten something? There are things (a water bottle, etc.) that you just need for a workout! Read here which gym bag essentials you should definitely have in your bag so that you can enjoy your workout.

Gym Bag Essentials: #1 The Gym Bag

The first and most important gym bag essential is the gym bag itself. When choosing your gym bag, there are a few things you should pay attention to. Firstly, it should be big enough to store all your things in. It is also important that it has enough compartments for everything so that you can find everything immediately and it stays clean.

Gym Bag Essentials: #2 Member wristband or membership card

Your membership wristband or membership card should have a permanent place in your gym bag. You can keep it in a specific compartment of your gym bag to ensure you never forget it. If you forget your wristband, you either can’t get in or you have to leave a deposit, e.g., your car keys. Some gyms even charge money to allow you to train.

Gym Bag Essentials: #3 Workout Clothes

One of the most important gym bag essentials is your sports clothes. Working out in “street” clothes not only looks weird, it’s also impractical and uncomfortable. So shorts, shirts, etc., are necessary for a good workout. As a woman, it is ALWAYS important to wear a sports bra when working out. It doesn’t matter whether you are doing a low-impact workout, such as yoga, or a high-impact workout, such as jogging. Your breasts need to be supported during your workout.

Gym Bag Essentials: #4 Sports Shoes

You can’t have a good workout without your sports shoes – which makes them the ultimate gym bag essential. In many gyms, it is forbidden to train with street shoes. You also need sturdy shoes as the basis for your training.

Gym Bag Essentials: #5 Fitness Tracker

Strictly speaking, your fitness tracker doesn’t belong in your gym bag but on your wrist. But that doesn’t make it any less of a gym bag essential. A fitness tracker is important to keep an eye on and monitor your heart rate during your workout. You don’t want to overexert yourself or not train hard enough.

If your training heart rate is too high, your muscles can over-acidify

Gym Bag Essentials: #6 Hair Ties and Hairbrush

Hair ties and a hairbrush are a must-have in your gym bag. If you don’t tie your hair up during training, it can easily get in the way and get tangled. The hairbrush is important so that you can detangle your hair after training. If you have a hairbrush that you always carry in your gym bag as a gym bag essential, you won’t run the risk of forgetting it. There are various hair ties that provide a good hold during training.

Gym Bag Essentials: #7 A Water Bottle

A proper workout is simply not possible without a clean water bottle in your gym bag. Our bodies lose a lot of fluid during exercise. To maintain your circulation and performance, you should always drink enough. A reusable bottle is not only practical but also good for the environment. Most sports bottles are made of plastic, which makes them particularly light and unbreakable.

A water bottle with an integrated straw is particularly suitable for training on cardio machines. You don’t have to unscrew the lid and can take a big gulp of water with a wrist flick.

A large water bottle with a “normal” cap suits strength training or training with weights/machines. The advantage of a large water bottle is that you only have to refill it once during training.

Important: Rinse and dry your water bottle after every workout.

Studies have found that many bacteria can be found in bottles that have not been cleaned properly.

Tip: To clean your sports bottle thoroughly, use stainless steel balls. These get into almost every nook and cranny and, thanks to their properties and friction, clean the bottle much more thoroughly than a sponge or brush alone.

Or you can opt for a “self-cleaning” drinking bottle. This type of bottle has a light integrated into the lid that kills up to 99.9% of germs, bacteria, etc.

Gym Bag Essentials: #8 Towels

You should have several towels in your gym bag:

Small towel: A small towel is important for wiping away sweat during your workout and as a base for the equipment.

Large towel or bath towel: One or two large towels to dry off after showering.

Gym Bag Essentials: #9 Headphones

Your headphones are an essential gym bag essential for your workout. Thanks to the music/podcast, etc., you can block out outside noise and concentrate fully on your training, execution, etc. Music can be a real motivator during endurance training.

Headphones with headbands are perfect for workouts. The headband ensures that the headphones stay in your ear even when you move and don’t slip out of your ear when you sweat.

Gym Bag Essentials: #10 Tampons, Bandages

You can be surprised by your period or that you somehow injure yourself during training. For such cases, you should always have tampons and bandages in your gym bag as essentials.

Have you heard about menstrual cups? You can put them in before your period starts. This is just one benefit of those cups. Find 5 benefits of menstrual cups that will blow your mind!

Gym Bag Essentials: #11 Flip Flops

If you want to shower after training in the gym, you should have flip-flops in your gym bag. Not only is it more comfortable and hygienic to protect your feet, but in many gyms, it is forbidden to shower barefoot. If you always have a pair of gym bag essentials in your gym bag, you don’t run the risk of having to miss out on the shower and getting sweaty on the way home.

Gym Bag Essentials: #12 Shower Gel, Shampoo, and Co.

After a sweaty workout, showering immediately in the gym is good. You should always have shampoo, conditioner, and shower gel in your gym bag. A super practical gym bag essential is medium-sized silicone bottles for refilling. They only take up little space in your gym bag and, as the name suggests, can be refilled again and again. You should also pack your face cream to apply it straight after showering.

Gym Bag Essentials: #13 Change of Clothes

Imagine you’ve just showered and realize you’ve forgotten to pack a fresh change of clothes. So that you don’t have to struggle with your sweaty sports clothes, fresh clothes are a gym bag essential.

Gym Bag Essentials: #14 Post-workout snack

Working out is a huge effort for the body. To replenish your energy reserves, it is advisable to either drink a delicious protein shake or eat a protein bar immediately after training.

From a sports bag to a snack – there are things that no gym bag should be without. If you are interested in other gym-related topics, you can take a look at the other blog posts.