Homemade Fries in Air Fryer – Crispy, Low-Fat & Delicious!

Homemade Fries in Air Fryer – Crispy, Low-Fat & Delicious!

homemade fries
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Golden, crispy fries that are also low in calories? No problem, thanks to the air fryer. Read here, step by step, how to prepare homemade fries perfectly in the air fryer and how many calories the fries from the air fryer have compared to the deep-fried ones.

Homemade Fries in Air Fryer Recipe:

A few tricks will make your homemade fries in the air fryer at least as crispy as deep-fried ones and with considerably fewer calories.

Step 1:

Find large potatoes for your homemade fries in the air fryer. Peel the raw potatoes and cut them into sticks. You can also use a fry cutter for this, so you get even fries, and it’s quicker.

Step 2:

Now, place your raw fries in cold water. Either change the water after 15 minutes and place the fries in the freshwater for another 15 minutes or leave them in the same water for 30 minutes. It depends on how starchy the potatoes are.

Step 3:

Next, drain the fries and pat them dry. You now need some oil to make them crispy. You can use an oil spray bottle to dose the oil correctly. Use as many squirts as you need until the fries are lightly coated with oil on all sides.

Step 4:

Now, put the prepared fries into the air fryer. Ensure that the base is only covered with one layer of fries so they can cook evenly on all sides.

Step 5:

To ensure they are crispy on all sides, you should shake the basket a few times in between, and if they are too dry, spray with oil again. How long and at what temperature you have to fry the fries depends on your air fryer.

Step 6:

Once they are as crispy as you want, pour them out of the basket and season them as you like. You can use salt as a seasoning. Enjoy your meal!

Calories Homemade Fries Air Fryer?

French fries in a hot air fryer are much healthier and have far fewer calories than chips fried in fat. 

100 g of potatoes have around 70 calories. If you only use a few splashes or a spoonful of oil for the homemade fries, that’s another 30 calories. If we take these values, 250 g of homemade fries have just 205 calories.

In comparison, 250 g deep-fried fries have around 780 calories!

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