How to do Polygel Nails at Home – Easy Step-By-Step Tutorial

How to do Polygel Nails at Home – Easy Step-By-Step Tutorial

How to do Polygel Nails at Home – Easy Step-By-Step Tutorial
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Have you ever dreamt of having those long, strong, beautiful & immaculate nails? Those are probably polygel nails. Polygel is a hybrid between acrylic and hard gel, providing the strength of acrylics with the flexibility of gels. If you get those done at a salon, it can, or let´s get straight to the point, they will be expensive. But with the right equipment, you can do them EASILY yourself! Find here a detailed guide on how to do polygel nails at home.

DIY Polygel Nails at Home: A Step-by-Step Guide

Materials You’ll Need for an at-Home Polygel Manicure

Before you start with the manicure, you NEED some materials:

How to do Polygel Nails at Home Step-by-Step Instructions:

Prepare Your Nails for the Polygel Manicure

Remove Old Polish

Clean your nails thoroughly and remove any old polish.

Shape and File

Trim your natural nails and file them to your desired shape. Buff the surface lightly to remove shine. When you buff your nails, be careful not to hurt them. So, just lightly buff the surface.

Push Back Cuticles

Gently push back your cuticles with a cuticle pusher.

Clean and Dehydrate

Use a nail dehydrator to remove oils from the nails, which helps the polygel adhere better. Applying a primer can also help with adhesion.

Apply the Base Coat

Apply Base Coat

Apply a thin layer of gel base coat to each nail. Avoid the cuticles and skin.


Cure the base coat under the UV/LED lamp for the recommended time (usually 30-60 seconds).

Prepare Dual Forms

Select Sizes

Choose dual forms that fit each of your nails properly.

Squeeze Polygel

Squeeze a small amount of poly gel onto the spatula and place it on the dual form.

Shape the Polygel

Use Slip Solution

Dip the brush in a slip solution to prevent sticking and to help shape the poly gel.


Spread the poly gel evenly inside the dual form to match the natural curve of your nail.

Apply and Cure

Apply Dual Form

Press the dual form with the polygel onto your nail, making sure it fits snugly.


Cure under the UV/LED lamp for the recommended time.

Remove Dual Forms

Gently Remove

After curing, gently pop off the dual forms to reveal the shaped poly gel nails.

Shape and Buff

Refine Shape

Use a nail file to refine the shape of your nails if necessary.

Smooth Surface

Buff the surface to ensure it’s smooth and even.

Top Coat

Apply Top Coat

Apply a thin layer of gel to the top coat to seal the poly gel and add shine.


Cure under the UV/LED lamp for the recommended time.

Clean Up

Remove Sticky Residue

Use a lint-free wipe with isopropyl alcohol to remove any tacky layer left after curing.

Moisturize your freshly done nails

Cuticle Oil

Apply cuticle oil to keep your cuticles and nails hydrated and healthy. Every type of manicure strains your nails, so you need to use nourishing cuticle oil to keep them healthy and strong.

Find here a guide on how to properly take care of your cuticles!

How to do Polygel Nails at Home Tips for Best Results

Thin Layers: Apply the polygel in thin, even layers to avoid bulkiness.

Avoid your Skin: Ensure the polygel does not touch your skin or cuticles to prevent lifting.

Curing Time: Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for curing times to ensure the polygel is fully set.

How to Remove the Manicure

  • File the Top Coat: Gently file the top shiny layer off your polygel nails to break the seal.
  • Soak Cotton Balls in Acetone: Place them on your nails and wrap them in aluminum foil.
  • Wait: Let your nails soak for about 10-15 minutes.
  • Remove Polygel: Gently push off the softened poly gel with a cuticle pusher. Buff any remaining residue.

Common Issues and Solutions

As with everything in life, there are some issues that can come up while doing polygel nails at home. But worry not – there are solutions as well!

Common Problem: Lifting

To avoid lifting, ensure nails are properly prepped and dehydrated before applying polygel.

Common Problem: Air Bubbles

To avoid bubbles, apply the polygel carefully and use a slip solution to smooth out any air bubbles.

Common Problem: Thick Layers

To avoid too thick layers, apply thin layers to avoid an overly thick and unnatural look.


By following these steps, you can achieve durable and beautiful polygel nails at home. With practice, you’ll be able to perfect your technique and enjoy salon-quality nails anytime!

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