How to Grow Nails Faster – The Guide for a Fast Growth Spur!

How to Grow Nails Faster – The Guide for a Fast Growth Spur!

How to Grow Nails Faster
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Having long, healthy & strong nails adds just so much to our overall appearance. Groomed nails make us look attractive and professional. But sometimes our nails just break or won´t grow … the good thing is that there are some easy ways to help your nails grow! Find here the ultimate guide on how to grow nails faster.

Grow Nails Faster with Proper Nutrition


Our nails are primarily made of a protein called keratin. So, in order to make your nails grow faster, you need an adequate protein intake. Not only can a protein deficiency lead to weak and brittle nails, but it can also harshly hinder their growth!

Consuming enough protein from foods such as beans, nuts, or protein powder can support nail structure and help grow nails faster.

Grow Nails Faster with Vitamins and Minerals

Specific nutrients play a vital role in how to make nails grow faster!

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is crucial for calcium absorption and is necessary for strong and healthy nails. It helps prevent brittle nails by ensuring the nail matrix has the minerals needed for proper growth and resilience.

Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 is vital for red blood cell production, which in turn ensures the efficient delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the nail cells. Adequate B12 levels help maintain nail strength, prevent discoloration & are a key nutrient on how to grow nails faster.


Iron is essential for hemoglobin production, which carries oxygen to the nail cells. Sufficient iron prevents nails from becoming brittle and ridged and, therefore, supports your overall nail health & can make nails grow faster.


Zinc aids in cell division and protein synthesis, both crucial for your nail repair and growth. It helps maintain your nail tissue health and prevents the appearance of white spots on your nails.

Those nutrients are such a huge part of maintaining the health of your nails. They can support your body in the growth process and ensure strong nails that are less prone to damage.

Grow Nails Faster with Biotin Supplements

Biotin supports fatty acid synthesis, which is vital for cell growth, and strengthens nails.

Scientific evidence shows that biotin is essential for making nails grow faster. Clinical trials have shown that biotin supplementation can increase nail thickness by 25% and reduce splitting and brittleness. You can find some biotin supplements here.

Grow Nails Faster by Moisturizing Your Nails

Regular moisturizing keeps nails strong and flexible, reducing the risk of cracking and splitting. Well-moisturized nails look smoother and healthier while preventing cuticle damage that can lead to infections.

Apply a suitable nail moisturizer or oil daily, particularly after washing your hands or exposure to harsh conditions, to maintain nail health and appearance.

Products: Oils like jojoba or almond oil can deeply penetrate the nail bed, providing longer-lasting hydration than creams.

Grow Nails Faster by Minimizing Exposure to Water

Impact: Frequent exposure causes nails to become overly soft and then overly dry, weakening their structure.

Protection: Water-resistant gloves should be used not only to protect from water but also from detergents and other cleaning agents that can degrade nail quality.

Grow Nails Faster by Avoiding Harsh Chemicals

Examples: Besides acetone, formaldehyde in nail polish and hardeners can also weaken nails.

Alternative: Opt for nail care products labeled as “free from” harmful chemicals, such as “3-Free” (free from toluene, dibutyl phthalate (DBP), and formaldehyde).

Grow Nails Faster by Gentle Grooming

Avoid metal files and opt for a fine-grit nail file. Metal files can be too harsh, causing small cracks or splits.

The proper nail filing technique is crucial for maintaining the health of your nails. Filing in one direction rather than using a back-and-forth motion. This will prevent small fractures and splits that can weaken the nails. Using gentle strokes from the outer edge to the center also helps preserve the nail’s shape and strength. Metal files, while durable, can be too harsh for natural nails as they often cause micro-tears at the edges, leading to further damage and breakage.

For healthier alternatives, consider using fine-grit nail files, glass files, or padded files.

Fine-grit files (180 to 240 grit) are softer on the nails and provide a smoother finish.

Glass or crystal nail files are particularly gentle. They effectively seal the keratin layers at the nail edge to minimize chipping.

Padded files offer a cushioning effect that reduces the impact of filing, and emery boards, though common, should be used with caution due to their abrasive nature.

Avoid excessive buffing with buffing blocks, as it can thin the nails and weaken their structure.

Grow Nails Faster with Cuticle Care

Cuticles serve as a barrier to fungi and bacteria. Keeping them intact helps avoid infections that can hinder nail growth. Cuticle care is vital for nail health as it protects against infections that can slow nail growth. The cuticle acts as a barrier to protect the nail matrix, where new cells are produced. Damaging the cuticles through cutting or aggressive treatment can lead to infections and inflammation, affecting nail growth. Proper care includes moisturizing the cuticles, gently pushing them back after softening and avoiding harsh chemicals, ensuring that nails grow at their natural rate without impediments.

Find here the ultimate guide on how to take proper care of your cuticles!

Grow Nails Faster by Limiting Artificial Nails

Risks: Besides weakening natural nails, the use of UV light for curing gel polish is associated with skin aging and an increased risk of skin cancer.

It’s good to have periodic breaks from artificial nails to allow the natural nail time to regenerate and repair itself.

Have you heard about semi-cured gel nail strips?

Incorporating these detailed practices into your routine can help you maintain healthier nails that are less prone to breaking, making them appear to grow faster and stronger.