Self-Tanning Fail – 7 tips on how to remove Self-Tanner!

Self-Tanning Fail – 7 tips on how to remove Self-Tanner!

how to remove self-tanner
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Self-tanning creams are great for creating a streak-free tan without harmful UV rays. As practical as the tanning creams are, a self-tanning fail can happen quickly. Whether you want to remove stains or the fake tan altogether, a few tricks will help you achieve a flawless tan. Here are 7 effective ways to remove self-tanner from home remedies to secret weapons!

1. Remove Self-Tanner with lemon juice

Probably the most tried and tested home remedy for removing self-tanner or self-tanner stains is lemon juice. To remove the tanner from your skin, apply undiluted lemon juice to a cotton pad or washcloth and move it in a circular motion over the skin. The acid should remove the color. As citric acid can irritate the skin, you should apply a nurturing body lotion after the treatment.

2. Exfoliation to remove Self-Tanner

Exfoliation is not only suitable for preparing for a fake tan. Exfoliation is perfect for completely removing stains or self-tanner. The artificial tan is also removed because the self-tanner only stains the top layer of the skin, and this dead skin is rubbed off with a thorough exfoliation.

3. Remove Self-Tanner with Self-Tan Eraser

Self-tan erasers are ideal for removing annoying self-tanner stains. These “erasers,” specially designed to remove fake tans, are not only good for removing them. You can also use them to lighten the tan tone. A mixture of citric acid, micellar water, and glycolic acid, among other things, removes the stains easily.

4. Toothpaste with Whitening Effect

Toothpaste with a whitening effect contains whitening particles. These particles lighten discoloration on the teeth and can remedy a tanning fail. To remove the self-tanner, gently rub the toothpaste onto the skin and leave on for a few minutes. Then rinse off and apply a body lotion to your skin.

5. A hot bath

A hot bubble bath offers more than just relaxation. It can soften the skin and help to remove self-tanner. Relax in the bath for 10 – 20 minutes, then rub the skin with a bath sponge.

6. Body Oil

A body oil can soften the top layer of your skin. The softened, discolored layer of skin can be rubbed off with an exfoliating mitt.

7. Use an exfoliating sponge

Special exfoliating sponges rub off the upper, dead layer of skin. As the self-tanner colors this layer of skin, stains are removed this way.

Self-tanners are a healthier alternative to sunbathing in the blazing sun or under a sunbed. Self-tanning can also be easily removed with a few hacks. You can read other blog posts if you would like other lifestyle tricks, tips, or hacks.