How to Wash Sports Bras – Use the right program & detergent!

How to Wash Sports Bras – Use the right program & detergent!

how to wash sports bras
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Did you know you can’t wash your sports bras, yoga pants, etc., like “conventional” clothing? There are a few things to remember when washing sports bras to ensure they keep their shape for a long time. Read here how often you should wash your sports bra, which programs are an absolute no-go when washing sports bras, and which detergent you can use.

How often should you wash your sports bras?

You should wash your sports bra after every workout. Not only can you avoid odor build-up, but sweat, deodorant, oils from the skin, etc., can attack the material of your bra and damage it.

washing sports bras

Can you wash sports bras in the washing machine?

Most sports bras can be washed in the washing machine without hesitation. Just make sure you use the right washing program and detergent. You can see what these are in the next paragraph.

How many degrees should you wash your sports bra?

You can wash your sports bra at up to 40 degrees without specific instructions on the care label. Under no circumstances hotter. Hot water can damage the fibers and distort the shape. This would be counterproductive for a garment that provides shape and support.

Which detergent should you use for washing sports bras?

As sports bras are made of special fibers for support, they must not be washed with fabric softener or detergents containing chlorine. Fabric softeners or aggressive detergents can stretch the firm fibers. However, there are special detergents for sportswear.

Which washing program should you use to wash your sports bras?

When washing, you should avoid spinning because, as with heat and the wrong detergents, the material can stretch out, and your sports bra will lose its purpose. Washing machines are now also equipped with special programs for sportswear.

Can sports bras go in the dryer?

Sports bras must not be put in the dryer. Just as hot water during washing can damage the fibers and shape of your bras, so can the hot air in the dryer. Place the bra on a clothes drying rack to dry or hang it on a washing line.

how to wash your sports bra

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