Laying Edges – This is how you kill that baby hair look!

Laying Edges – This is how you kill that baby hair look!

laying edges
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Laying edges refers to styling and smoothing the hairline around your forehead to create this polished, sleek & cute look. But to master the art of laying edges, you need the right brush & gel! Find here a step-by-step guide on laying edges perfectly and which materials are the best to use!

Start with clean, moisturized hair

Start with freshly washed and conditioned hair. Moisturized hair is more pliable and easier to manipulate, which will help achieve smooth edges. Here are some super moisturizing shampoos & conditioners that will help you with laying edges!

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Apply edge control

This step is super important: Use a small amount of edge control or styling gel specifically designed for laying edges! Apply it along your hairline using your fingertips or a small edge brush. Start with a small amount to avoid buildup, and add more as needed.

Use an edge brush

Again, it is important to use a small edge brush to gently smooth your edges in the direction you want them to lay. A toothbrush won´t cut it. Work in small sections to ensure thorough coverage and smoothness.

Shape your edges

Use your fingers or your edge brush to shape your edges into your desired style. You can create swoops, baby hairs or simply smooth them down for a sleek look. Be creative and experiment with different styles that complement your face shape.

Avoid applying too much tension

While laying your edges, be gentle and avoid pulling too tightly on your hair. Excessive tension can lead to breakage and damage to your delicate edges.

Set your edges

To help your edges stay in place throughout the day, you can set them with a band for a few minutes. This will help the gel or edge control to dry and set, ensuring long-lasting sleekness.

Finish with hairspray (optional)

If you want extra hold, you can lightly mist your edges with hairspray once they’re set. Choose a lightweight hairspray to avoid weighing down your hair or causing stiffness.

Laying edges; Touch up as needed

You may need to touch up your edges throughout the day to maintain their sleek appearance. Apply some edge control or gel and smooth down unruly hairs with your fingers or a brush.

With these steps, laying edges will go smoothly and stylishly, adding the perfect finishing touch to your hairstyle. Find here more hairstyle ideas & other topics that you might be interested in!