Maintain Your Sun Tan – 7 Tips to Keep Your Summer Glow!

Maintain Your Sun Tan – 7 Tips to Keep Your Summer Glow!

Sun Tan
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A natural summer tan is no comparison to a tanning bed or a self-tanner tan. You can do a few things to make your natural summer glow last longer after a vacation! Read here how to maintain your sun tan with these 7 easy tips!

Tip #1: Drink enough Water

As a rule, our skin renews itself every 28 to 60 days. Since only the top layer of the skin gets tanned, the renewal causes the sun tan to be lost. If you drink enough, preferably water or unsweetened teas, you can keep your skin well hydrated and thus delay the renewal process and maintain your sun tan.

Tip #2: Keep your Skin Moisturized

Not only moisturizing from the inside by drinking can help to maintain your sun tan, but also nourish your skin with a rich, moisturizing lotion.

If you moisturize your skin well, the skin renewal process slows down, and the skin does not flake so quickly, ensuring your sun tan is maintained.

You can moisturize your skin twice a day with a suitable body lotion. A moisturizing face mask is recommended for the face.

The mask should not have an exfoliating effect!
This would be counterproductive as it would remove the top layer of skin, and therefore the tanned skin, more quickly.

Which brings us to the next tip for maintaining your sun tan.

Tip #3: Do not Exfoliate

Peelings are designed to rub off or remove the top dead layer of skin. To maintain your sun tan, you want precisely the opposite – the top layer of tanned skin should stay as long as possible. This means avoiding all types of peelings, whether mechanical peelings such as sugar scrubs, coffee peelings, etc. or chemical peelings such as fruit acid peelings.

Tip #4: Don’t shower or bathe too hot or for too long

Spending a long time in the shower or bath can dry out the skin and cause it to flake. To maintain your sun tan, you should not shower too hot or too long. You should also avoid bathing and switch to showering instead. The longer your skin is in contact with water, the drier it becomes.

After showering, do not rub the skin dry with a towel, but rather dab it dry carefully.

Tip #5: Use self-tanner as a support

A light self-tanner, such as self-tanning wipes or drops, which gradually build up the tan, can greatly support maintaining your sun tan.

You can find a guide on how to apply self-tanner correctly to maintain your sun tan here!

Tip #6: Eat the Right Food or Rely on Supplements

Nibbling on carrots, apricots, peppers, etc., is good for our eyes and a superfood for maintaining a tan. The beta-carotene contained in carrots, etc., is metabolized into vitamin A and can help to maintain a tan. Taking 30 milligrams of carotenoids daily over a longer period (at least one month) can affect your complexion and maintain your tan. This amount of carotenoids can be found in about 500 grams of carrots.

If you don’t want to or can’t eat 500 g of carrots daily, you can also use beta-carotene supplements. These are dosed so that you take one capsule once a day to cover your needs.

Tip #7: Do not Shave or Wax

Shaving and waxing are mechanical hair removal methods. This means that this type of hair removal also removes flakes of skin. As mentioned above, you should take good care of the top layer of skin and ensure it stays as long as possible to maintain your sun tan. Somewhat more suitable depilation methods here would be epilation and lasering.

If you stick to these 7 simple tips, you can maintain your sun tan. If you are looking for other tips on skincare, nutrition, nail design, etc., check out the other blog posts.