Menstrual Cup Folds – 3 easy ways to fold your Menstrual Cup

Menstrual Cup Folds – 3 easy ways to fold your Menstrual Cup

menstrual cup folds
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Menstrual cups have many advantages over pads and tampons. However, insertion can be tricky at first. But with the proper folding technique, it should be as easy as using a tampon. Here is the perfect step-by-step guide for the 3 easiest menstrual cup folds with pics and descriptions so you will get the hang of it!

How to fold a menstrual cup?

With some practice, inserting a menstrual cup should be as easy as using a tampon. To insert the menstrual cup, you need to fold it. It is important that you find a folding method that works for you. Moistening the cup with water or a suitable lubricant can help.

Menstrual cup folds:

In this graphic, you can see some folding methods. In the following there will be a tutorial for the C-Fold, the Punchdown Fold and the 7-Fold.

menstrual cup different folds

Menstrual Cup Folds: C-fold or U-fold

To fold your cup in the C fold, press it flat together and fold it in half. If you look at the cup now, it will look like a C or a U. At this size, it should be easy to insert.

menstrual cup folds c fold

Menstrual Cup Folds: Punch fold

To fold your menstrual cup using this method, you need to press one side of the rim inside the cup all the way to the bottom and squeeze it tightly to hold it in place. The eyelet now formed is about the same size as a tampon.

menstrual cup folds punch down fold
menstrual cup folds punch down fold

Menstrual Cup Folds: 7- or lily fold

In this folding method, you need to squeeze the cup so that the lips touch. Then you need to fold the right side down so that a 7 is formed.

menstrual cup folds lily fold

How to remove your menstrual cup

As with insertion, the first step is to wash your hands. After washing your hands thoroughly, grip the cup and gently squeeze it with two fingers to release the vacuum. If you do not squeeze the cup, you will increase the vacuum by pulling. Not only is it very difficult to get the menstrual cup out, but you may also pull out an IUD of you use one.

Those 5 reason will convince you to switch to a menstrual cup!

No matter which folding technique you choose to fold your menstrual cup, with a bit of practice, it should work without a hitch. Check out the other blog posts, they also offer helpful tips and hacks!