Necklace layering – How to Layer Necklaces without Tangling!

Necklace layering – How to Layer Necklaces without Tangling!

Necklace layering – How to layer necklaces without tangling!
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Combining 2, 3, or even 5 necklaces in one outfit without looking overloaded. This style is called necklace layering and is particularly trendy in summer. Read here how to layer necklaces without tangling, which necklaces are suitable for this style, and what tricks there are to prevent the chains from getting tangled up!

How to layer necklaces?

The important thing here is that the necklaces are different lengths, so they lie on each other in an orderly fashion.

How does necklace layering work?

  • You need at least 2 but no more than 5 necklaces
  • As just mentioned, the necklaces must be of different lengths
  • You start layering with the shortest chain
  • Then, “layer” the next chains in order of length

Which Necklaces for Layering?

To make each necklace stand out, you should choose not only different lengths but also different thicknesses, designs, and pendants. Each necklace length has a different name:

necklace layering length

Find here  “Choker Length” necklaces. Length approximately 13 inches – 15 inches

Find here “Princess Length” necklaces. Length approximately 15 inches – 17 inches

Find here  “Opera Length” necklaces. Length approximately 19 inches – 23 inches

Layering Necklaces without Tangling

There are several ways to prevent multiple necklaces from becoming tangled. Firstly, you can use an extra clasp (necklace clasp layering) to keep the chains separated.

or you can use the

Necklace Layering Hack

There is a practical necklace layering hack that prevents the chains from getting tangled!

Step #1

First, put on your necklaces as usual and twist the chains so the clasps are on your décolleté.

Step #2

Now open the clasps again and close each chain with the clasp of the other chain.

Step #3

Finally, twist the chains again so the clasps are back on the neck. With this method, the chains don´t get tangled, and you can adjust the length individually.

Tip: The thicker the chains are, the less they can get tangled.

Gold or Silver Necklace Layering?

You can create this trend with either gold, silver, or rose gold chains. You can also combine the different colors in one look – there are no rules here.

Necklace Layering Sets

Find here some jewelry sets that have already combined the chains into one design.

Whether you opt for gold, silver, or rose-colored necklaces, styling multiple necklaces with one outfit is on trend this summer. If you’re looking for other summer trends, check out the other blog posts!