Ombre Nails – Do this Beautiful Manicure Yourself!

Ombre Nails – Do this Beautiful Manicure Yourself!

ombre nails
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Ombre nails look beautiful – the flowing color gradient gives different looks a fresh touch. As complicated as the ombre design looks, you can easily do it yourself in just a few steps with the right tools! Read here what you need for an ombre manicure, a detailed step-by-step guide on creating the nails yourself, and which nail polishes work particularly well in which combination.

Ombre Nails – What you´ll need:

Before you can start doing and designing your ombre nails, you need a few things:

  • Nail file
  • 2 nail polishes in 2 different colors. (In the section below is a table with colors that go particularly well together).
  • Probably the most important tool for ombre nails: a nail art sponge

How to do Ombre Nails:

Step #1:

Before you start painting, you should file your nails into shape. You can degrease your nails with a toner to make the nail polish last longer.

Step #2:

Now, paint the entire nail with one of the colored nail polishes. You can apply a second coat if the color is not opaque enough.

It is important that you allow the nail polish to dry completely.

Step #3

This is where the nail art sponge comes into play. Apply some of the other colored nail polish to the nail art sponge. To achieve the ombre effect, carefully dab the sponge from the tip of the nail to the center of the nail.

Here is a guide on creating ombre nails with UV nail polish!

The closer you get to the center, the fainter the gradient should be. For the finishing touches, dab the other side of your nail art tool with the first polish and add the gradient transition.

Step #4

If you like, you can use a clear top coat after the nail polish has dried completely. A nail oil cares for your cuticles after the manicure. Your ombre nails are ready!

Which colors are for Ombre Nails?

Anything goes, of course! This also applies to this look. Nevertheless, there are some color combinations that harmonize particularly well:

The “classic” ombre manicure is white and a light shade of pink or peach.

A slightly more extravagant version is black with a shade of red.

red ombre nails

Light blue or a pastel green go perfectly with white.

blue ombre nails

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