Ovulation Symptoms – Can you feel when you´re fertile?

Ovulation Symptoms – Can you feel when you´re fertile?

ovulation symptoms
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Ovulation is the 3 phase of your menstrual cycle and the time of the month were you can conceive. You can usually tell when you´re ovulating since the hormones make you feel a certain way. Here are the 7 most common ovulation symptoms you probably experience during your cycle.

Ovulation Symptoms

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1. Increased sex drive

This ovulation symptom might be the one you probably notice the most. During ovulation, you might experience a higher libido and sex drive, which makes sense since your body is ready to conceive.

2. Change of Basal Body Temperature (BBT)

Most women’s Basal Body Temperature stays consistent until right before ovulation. Then it will decline with an increase right after ovulation. Monitoring the BBT can be used as a hormone-free contraceptive method.

3. Change in cervical mucus

A tell-tale ovulation symptom is changes in cervical mucus. To make it easier for the sperm to reach the egg, the cervical mucus liquefies and reaches the consistency of raw egg white. Meaning it is clear, wet, slippery, and stretchy.

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4. Cervical Position Changes

It is not just the cervical mucus that changes throughout your cycle. Even the position of the cervix itself changes. The cervix will be positioned high during ovulation. Furthermore, it will feel soft and moist. This will allow the sperm to enter easily.

5. Ovulation Pain

Some women can experience light pain or cramping during ovulation. The discomfort can last up to 48 hours. But this is not a very common ovulation symptom.

6. Mood Boost

The rise of estrogen might increase your mood. Your spirits could rise, and your skin might develop a nice and healthy glow as an ovulation symptom.

7. Changes in Saliva

Another ovulation symptom can be changes in your saliva. Once dried up, it will show different forms. Some contraceptive tools indicate ovulation by using saliva.

Those are just a couple of ovulation symptoms. If you wanna know more about your menstruation, fashion, or lifestyle topics, feel free to check out the entire blog!