Period Pain – 5 Quick Hacks to Relieve Cramps

Period Pain – 5 Quick Hacks to Relieve Cramps

period pain
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Period pain can be a nuisance and limit you. Yet period pain consists of more than just the familiar abdominal cramps! You may also experience headaches, back pain, and even pain that spreads in your thighs. Read here what triggers the discomfort and the 5 best hacks to relieve period pain quickly and effectively!

What Causes Period Pain?

To find effective remedies for period pain (medical term dysmenorrhea), we must first clarify what causes them. 

Many different reasons can trigger period cramps. The most common trigger is uterine contractions. To make it easier to shed the dead lining of the uterus, the uterus contracts with spasms and cramps.

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Another common reason can be prostaglandins, which are produced during periods. These hormone-like substances are responsible for the nerves being more sensitive to pain, the uterus contracting, and for reducing the blood flow. The discomfort usually occurs in the lower abdomen. However, the pain can also radiate to the back, breasts, and legs.
Mild to moderate cramping or pain is often normal before or during your period. Extreme pain may be a sign of disease.

Period Pain Relief

There are some remedies that can relieve period pain:

#1 Moderate Activity or Working Out

Although you’d probably prefer to move as little as possible when experiencing discomfort, exercise can help relieve cramps. Working out can relieve tension and promote blood flow, which effectively relieves cramps.

#2 Heat

Heat is a proven and effective home remedy to relieve period pain. Heat can relieve menstrual cramps after just a few minutes. It doesn’t matter whether you take a hot bath, use a hot water bottle, a cherry pit pillow, or a pad. From a heat of about 40 °C, these aids can have the same effect as painkillers.

#3 Painkillers

As the name suggests, painkillers are a super remedy for cramps or period pain. At the same time, these can help not only against abdominal cramps, but since period pain can radiate to the back, legs, etc., painkillers can help with those, too.

#4 Your Diet

Magnesium is said to be able to relieve cramps. In addition to magnesium supplements, you can also rely on magnesium-rich foods, such as nuts, millet, legumes, whole grains, etc., to relieve period pains. Before and during your period, you should avoid caffeine, junk food, etc., because this can aggravate cramps and PMS. Foods rich in potassium, such as bananas, Brussels sprouts, or avocados, should also bring relief.

#5 Teas

Teas are a super way to relieve cramps, not just because of the heat. Antispasmodic teas, such as monk’s pepper tea or lady’s mantle tea, are said to be very effective in relieving period cramps. Classic teas like chamomile and peppermint also have anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic properties.


You can get period cramps effectively and quickly under control with these simple hacks. If you are looking for other menstruation tips or lifestyle tips, look at the other blog posts!