DIY Rice Water for Hair – Recipe, Usage & Amazing Benefits!

DIY Rice Water for Hair – Recipe, Usage & Amazing Benefits!

rice water for hair
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Using rice water for hair growth has been a traditional haircare method in Asian countries for centuries. Making it yourself is simple and can be done using ingredients you likely already have at home. Find here a super easy rice water for hair recipe, a guide on how to use it for your specific hair type & rice water benefits for your hair you probably haven´t known!

DIY Rice Water for Hair Ingredients:

  • 1/2 cup uncooked rice (any type will do, but organic white rice is commonly used)
  • 2 to 3 cups water

Rice Water for Hair Instructions:

1. Rinse the Rice

Place the rice in a bowl and rinse thoroughly with water to remove any dirt or impurities. This step ensures that you’re not applying any contaminants or dirt to your hair.

2. Soak the Rice

After rinsing, add 2 to 3 cups of water to the rice in the bowl. Use more water if you prefer a thinner solution.

Let the rice soak for 30 minutes to an hour. During this time, the nutrients from the rice leach into the water, creating a milky-looking solution.

3. Strain the Rice Water

After soaking, stir the rice water and strain the liquid into a clean container. The liquid now contains the essence of the nutrients.

4. Ferment the Rice Water (optional)

For additional benefits, you can ferment the rice water for hair by leaving it at room temperature for 12 to 24 hours. This process will allow it to develop more antioxidants and could potentially enhance its benefits for your hair.

Make sure to refrigerate it if you leave it to ferment longer to avoid any bad odors or spoilage.

How to use Rice Water for Hair Growth

Use the rice water as a hair rinse after shampooing. Pour it over your scalp and hair, massage it into your scalp gently, and leave it in for 5 to 20 minutes, depending on your tolerance.

Rinse your hair thoroughly with cool or lukewarm water afterward.

How to Store Your Rice Water

Store any leftovers in the refrigerator and try to use them within a week. Make sure they smell fresh before you use them.

Tips for the Treatment

  • You can enhance the rice water for hair by adding a few drops of essential oils, such as rosemary or lavender, for additional benefits and a nice scent.
  • Experiment with the soaking and fermenting times to find what works best for your hair type.
  • Rice water is popular for its potential to make hair smoother, stronger, and shinier. However, scientific studies have not conclusively proven its effects on accelerating hair growth.

How often should I use Rice Water for Hair?

The frequency of rice water in your hair care routine depends on your hair type and how your hair responds to the treatment. Here are some general guidelines:

For Normal to Oily Hair

Start with once a week to see how your hair responds. You can adjust the frequency based on how your hair feels. If your hair feels too heavy or greasy, reduce the frequency.

For Dry or Brittle Hair

Since rice water contains proteins, overuse can potentially lead to protein buildup, making your hair feel stiff or brittle. If you have dry hair, consider using it once every two weeks or diluting the rice water more.

For Damaged Hair

If your hair is particularly damaged, rice water might help improve its condition, but be cautious of protein overload. Start once every two weeks and observe how your hair reacts.

More Tips for Rice Water for Hair

Do a Patch Test

Before incorporating rice water into your regular haircare routine, do a patch test or apply it to a small section of hair to ensure no adverse reaction.

Monitor Hair Condition

Pay attention to how your hair feels after using rice water. If you notice any negative effects, such as increased dryness or brittleness, stop or reduce the frequency of use.

Balance with Moisture

Since rice water is rich in protein, it’s important to maintain a balance of moisture in your hair care regimen. Ensure you’re also using hydrating products and conditioners to keep your hair moisturized.

Benefits of Rice Water for Hair

Rice water rinses have been touted for their potential benefits to hair health, which are often attributed to the vitamins, minerals, and amino acids present in the rice. Here are some of the key benefits often associated with using rice water for hair care

Can Improve Hair Texture

Rice water contains inositol, a carbohydrate that can help strengthen elasticity and reduce surface friction, potentially making hair smoother and easier to manage.

Enhances Shine

The amino acids in rice water can help restore the hair’s natural shine and make it look glossier.

Strengthens Hair Strands

The protein in rice water can strengthen the hair strands, which might reduce breakage and split ends.

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Promotes Hair Health

Rice water is rich in vitamins B, C, and E, which can promote overall hair health by nourishing the scalp and hair follicles.

Detangles Hair

Regular use of rice water can help detangle hair, making combing easier and reducing the risk of hair loss due to pulling and breakage.

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Using rice water can be a beneficial addition to your hair care routine, but it’s essential to tailor how often and how you apply it to your specific hair type and needs. Find more blog posts covering all things beauty!