Sunday Reset – The perfect way to recharge and prepare!

Sunday Reset – The perfect way to recharge and prepare!

Sunday Reset
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A quiet Sunday can be used to rewind & reset yourself. Read here how you can turn a boring Sunday into a motivational reset. Those Sunday Reset ideas will prepare you perfectly for the upcoming week!

Why is a Sunday Reset important?

Since a Sunday Reset Routine is meant to dedicate an entire day to yourself and practice self-care, it can be a good way to balance your job and well-being. Furthermore, it can help you start the new week prepared and less stressed.

What should a Sunday Reset Routine consist of?

You can section your Sunday Reset Routine into three categories: Your Physical Needs, the Environment, and Your Emotional Needs.

Physical Needs

A Sunday Reset is ideal for physical activity, especially if you have a desk job, sitting most of the time. Taking care of your body is a powerful reset for mind and body. Furthermore, you should prioritize a good night’s sleep during the weekend to recharge for the upcoming week.

Taking a Bath:

The warm water of a bath can help relax your muscles and soothe your stress level.

Using a Skin Care Routine:

Taking good care of your skin is important since it is what people first see of us. A nourishing face mask can be a great part of your Sunday Reset.

Going to the Gym/Working Out:

Working out is not just great for our bodies. Our minds benefit from regular exercise as well. Studies have shown that a good workout routine can have the same effects as light antidepressants.

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Doing a Foot Bath:

Our feet carry us all day, every day, but still, we usually don’t give their care enough thought. You can use your Sunday Reset for a foot bath.

Going for a Walk:

Walking is great for you since you are moving, and you do it outside.


Your environment needs to be organized and tidy to have a relaxed and less stressful start to the week. This part of your Sunday Reset should include cleaning your living space.


A benefit of planning your week is that you will start less stressed into the week.

Tidying up:

To feel motivated, a clean living/working space is essential.

Changing Sheets:

Making your bed in the morning should be a part of your productive morning routine; regularly changing your sheets can help better your sleep quality.

Meal Prep/Plan:

Planning and prepping your meals is a good Sunday Reset achievement. By preparing your meals at home, you can save money and avoid unhealthy foods.

Organize your closet:

Having an organized closet can set your mind in an organized state. Closet organizers can help with this part of your Sunday Reset Routine.

Emotional Needs

To maintain a healthy lifestyle, taking care of our Emotional needs is essential. They are as important for our happiness and well-being as healthy food and water are for our physical health.

Sleeping in:

As mentioned above, Sunday can be used to focus on a good night´s sleep. Take your Sunday Reset to sleep in and start slow into the day. Important: Don´t sleep too long; otherwise, you might have problems falling asleep at night if you sleep too much.

Here are some tips to fall asleep faster!


Reading is a great way to wind down. Due to work, household, etc., you might not be able to find the time to sit down and enjoy a good book. Escaping into a fictional world can be very relaxing.

Watching a Movie:

Sometimes, doing nothing and watching a movie can be just what someone needs for a relaxing Sunday Reset.

Going out for a Coffee:

Whether you do it alone or with friends, going out to enjoy a coffee can be relaxing.


Journaling is a great method to sort your thoughts and help you prepare for the upcoming week.


A Sunday Reset can be a great way to prepare and start the new week stress-free. If you are looking for other hacks and tips around lifestyle topics, why don´t you check out the other blog posts?