Beach Waves Hair – 2 easy ways to create the beach look!

Beach Waves Hair – 2 easy ways to create the beach look!

beach waves hair
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Beach waves hair is always trendy. This slightly tousled wave style will instantly transform you into a beach babe who has spent a day at the beach! Read here how to create beach waves hair with a straightener or curling iron and how to use sea salt spray for the perfect finishing touch.

How to do Beach Waves Hair?

There are several methods you can use to create beach waves hair yourself. You can either use a straightening iron or a curling iron.

Beach waves hair with a straightener

Beach waves hair is super easy to create with a straightener:

Step #1

Set the temperature and preheat the straightener. Depending on your hair texture, you can choose 180 degrees as an approximate guide temperature.

Important: If you want to style your hair with a straightener, it should be completely dry.

Step #2

Before styling your hair with the straightener, spray it with a heat protectant and comb it through again.

Step #3

Now, take a section of hair about 2 inches wide from your top coat and place it in the straightener at the roots. Pull the straightener down the length of your hair and rotate it 360 degrees. Avoid the ends. You should work in a smooth, swift motion to prevent heat damage to your hair. Repeat this step until you have curled all of your hair.

Step #4

You can now carefully comb through your hair with your fingers or a comb with extra-wide teeth to finish the look but don´t destroy your beach waves hair. You can now use a sea salt spray and set everything with a hairspray for the right texture.

Beach waves hair with a curling iron

A curling iron is the perfect tool for styling the trendy beach look.

Prepare your hair

As always, if you want to work your hair with heat, it is important that you use heat protection for your hair and comb it through again afterward.

Curl your hair

Now, wrap a section of hair about 2 inches thick around the hot end of the curling iron. Hold the strand for a few seconds, then release it and remove the curling iron. Repeat this until you have curled your entire head. Avoid the ends when styling.

Or you can use a curling iron with 3 barrels. Here, you take a slightly thicker strand, place it in the curling iron, and curl it with the clamp. Again, leave the strand in the curling iron for a few seconds and avoid the ends.

Styling beach waves hair

Once your curls have cooled down a little, you can comb them lightly with your fingers or a wide-tooth comb. Add the finishing touch to your beach waves with Sea Salt Spray and a little hairspray.

You can also make the sea salt spray yourself!

Whether you want to create trendy beach waves hair with a straightener or curling iron, this style will turn you into the ultimate beach babe. Check out the other blog posts if you’re looking for other trends.