DIY Sea Salt Spray – Quick & Easy Recipe!

DIY Sea Salt Spray – Quick & Easy Recipe!

sea salt spray
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There are different ways to create beach waves. But you always need one thing to perfect the beach babe look – the sea salt spray or beach waves spray is the “quintessence” of this hairstyle. Read here what you need to make the sea salt spray yourself!


How to make sea salt spray:

Step #1

To make your beach waves spray, boil the water and mix all the ingredients into the hot water.

Step #2

When the mixture has cooled down, pour it into the spray bottle.

Step #3

Shake the homemade spray before use. That’s it!

Find here a tutorial to do the beach waves with a flat iron or curling iron, or find here 2 heatless methods!

To complete the beach babe look, the sun-kissed skin is still missing. Read here how to apply self-tanner properly!

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