Which Self-Tanner is Best? – Drops, Lotion, or Spray

Which Self-Tanner is Best? – Drops, Lotion, or Spray

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The tanning agent in different self-tanners is usually the same. But whether you prefer a spray, wipes, drops, a mousse, or a lotion is up to you. Read here about the advantages of each kind of self-tanner.

Self-Tanner Lotion

Various brands offer the classic lotion or creams. It is applied like a conventional body lotion.

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Tanning Mousse

Thanks to its consistency, a mousse can be applied more evenly than a lotion. In addition, with a mousse, you can immediately see if you have forgotten to apply the self-tanner to an area.

Self-Tanning Spray

Using a Tanning Spray has several advantages:

  • The spray can be applied more evenly.
  • Areas of the body that are difficult to reach (back, back of arms and legs, etc.) are more accessible to reach
  • Easier to dose

You can also buy a spray bottle and the tanning product in a refill pack.

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Self-Tanning Drops

Tanning drops are perfect if you want to build up your tan slowly and steadily. The self-tanning drops are designed to be mixed into your face cream or body lotion. Then, apply cream as usual.

The packaging states how to dose the drops and how often to use them.

The advantage here is that you build up the fake tan gradually and can, therefore, better control the degree of tanning.

Self-Tanning Wipes

Self-Tanner wipes are a quick alternative to freshen up your tan in between.

Self-Tanner for the Face

Some self-tanners are specifically for the face, and some are that you can use for the body and face.

Whether you want to use an all-in-one product or a tanner specifically for the face depends on your skin type.

Each type of self-tanner has its advantages. Which one you choose depends on your needs. The other blog posts cover all topics, whether fashion, fitness, or lifestyle!