Dry Cuticles – The 7 Most Common Causes of Dry Cuticles!

Dry Cuticles – The 7 Most Common Causes of Dry Cuticles!

Causes of dry cuticles
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Have you ever wondered why the skin around your nails is dry & doesn´t look good? Believe it or not, there are a lot of things that can cause dry cuticles … even your diet could! Find here the 7 most common reasons for dry cuticles.

Various reasons can cause dry cuticles. The 7 most common are

No. 1: Possible Vitamin Deficiency

A lack of vitamins B and D or the minerals iron or calcium can cause dry, cracked cuticles. The right supplements can help.

No. 2: Washing your Hands too often

Washing your hands too often can be a trigger for dry cuticles. Every time you use soap and wash your hands, it dries the skin & nails out.

No. 3: Incorrect Manicure Technique

Removing or pushing back your cuticles too roughly can tear your cuticles. Removing nail polish with nail polish remover can also severely damage and dry out the cuticles – especially nail polish removers containing acetone. An acetone-free remover could help here.

No. 4: Cleaning Agents and Co.

If you don’t wear gloves when cleaning or rinsing and your hands and cuticles come into contact with cleaning products, chemicals, etc., this can irritate and dry out the skin and lead to torn cuticles.

No. 5: Dry and Cold Air

Dry cuticles can occur mainly in the wintertime. The cold outside and the dry heating air inside can dry the skin out.

No. 6: Not Enough Care

Because our hands are used all day our cuticles must endure a lot. If they aren´t cared for by creams & oils, they can quickly dry out.

Find here the perfect guide for a cuticle oil hand bath to revive the dry skin around your nails!

No. 7: Nail Biting

Nail biting can not only damage the nails themselves but can also cause the sensitive cuticles to tear.

Find here some tips to take proper care of your cuticles!

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