Hailey Bieber Nails – Do the Glazed Donut Manicure at Home!

Hailey Bieber Nails – Do the Glazed Donut Manicure at Home!

Hailey Bieber Nails – Do the Glazed Donut Manicure at Home!
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Hailey Bieber seems to be the queen of glazed anything: From her strawberry glaze skin smoothie to her donut glaze lips to her glazed donut nails! The delicate nail design is perfect for everyday wear and can be combined with countless outfits. Read here how you can create Hailey Bieber nails yourself at home in just a few steps using press-on nails, gel nail polish, or regular nail polish.

What do Hailey Bieber’s Glazed Donut Nails look like?

Hailey Bieber’s Glazed Donut Nails are painted in a mother-of-pearl look and have a mixture of chrome and shimmer finishes. This special finish makes the nails look like glazed donuts, hence the name.

Hailey Bieber Glazed Donut Nails Do it yourself

You can easily create this nail trend yourself at home. You can create Hailey Bieber glazed donut nails using various techniques:

Hailey Bieber Nails as Press-Ons

Press-on nails make the manicure super easy:

  • Clean the nail with a nail cleaner and press the Press-On nails into place.
  • If you don’t like the shape or length, you can shape the press-on nails with a file. And your Hailey Bieber glazed donut nails are ready!

Hailey Bieber Nails with gel nail polish

  • Roughen your nails with a buffer, apply a base coat, and cure under a UV lamp.
  • Next, paint your nails with Pearl-Effect gel nail polish and cure them under a UV lamp. You can apply a second coat if the color is not intense enough.
  • To seal the finish, you now need to apply the top coat and cure the nails again under the UV lamp. This version can last up to 3 weeks.

Find here a tutorial on how to remove gel nails the fastest way!

Hailey Bieber Nails with Regular Nail Polish

You can create the Hailey Bieber nail style with various nail polishes. Find here some suitable nail polishes.

No matter what nail polish you choose, the Hailey Bieber Nails are super easy to recreate at home. If you are looking for other lifestyle or fashion ideas, you are welcome to read through the other blog posts.