Menstrual Cup Insertion – How to Insert a Menstrual Cup!

Menstrual Cup Insertion – How to Insert a Menstrual Cup!

how to insert a menstrual cup
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Menstrual Cups have many benefits compared to “traditional” period products. For someone who hasn´t used one before, the folding and menstrual cup insertion can be a bit tricky. Follow this step-by-step guide to insert a menstrual cup in the fastest & easiest way!

Step-by-Step Guide: How to Insert a Menstrual Cup

#1 How to insert a Menstrual Cup: Sterilize your Cup before use

Before you can insert your menstrual cup, you should sterilize it. You can boil your menstrual cup or use a microwave sterilizer.

Here is a guide on how you can properly clean your menstrual cup!

#2 Wash your hands to insert a Menstrual Cup

Before inserting a menstrual cup, washing your hands is essential. This can help avoid spreading bacteria.

#3 Fold the Cup

To insert a menstrual cup, you need to fold it first. There are several ways to fold your menstrual cup. The 3 easiest folds are the C-Fold, the Punchdown-Fold, and the 7-Fold.

Here is an instruction with pics and descriptions on folding your menstrual cup super easy!

No matter which fold you choose to insert the menstrual cup, you must squeeze it until you put it in.

#4 Relax and take a Comfortable Position

To insert a menstrual cup, you need to relax your vaginal muscle and find a position that allows you to push the cup in easily. You could put one foot on the bathtub or toilet seat or squat down. To make the insertion easier, moisten the cup with water or a lubricant.

#5 Insert the Menstrual Cup

To insert the menstrual cup, you spread your labia with the other hand and push the cup gently in. As soon as it is inside and you stop squeezing it, it should open inside you. To ensure it is completely opened, rotate the cup with your finger.

#6 How to remove the Menstrual Cup

One benefit of menstrual cups is that they can be worn for up to 12 hours. As soon as the cup is full and you want to remove it, you should wash your hands again. Get a hold of the cup and apply gentle pressure using two fingers to release the suction. Pulling the cup out may intensify the suction if you skip this step. This makes removing the menstrual cup more difficult and could result in accidentally dislodging an IUD if you have one.

After cleaning the cup, you can insert it again. If you are interested in other topics related to lifestyle, health, and fashion, why don’t you have a look at the other blog posts?