Mob Wife Aesthetic – 7 Essentials You Need to Rock the Look!

Mob Wife Aesthetic – 7 Essentials You Need to Rock the Look!

mob wife aesthetic
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Luxurious, glamorous, expensive, chic … those are just a few words to describe the mob wife aesthetic or mob wives in general. This new fashion trend has taken the online world by storm. If you wanna rock the mysterious mafia bi*** look, you will definitely need some basic items! Find here the 7 ultimate mob wife aesthetic essentials for your murder look!

Mob Wife Aesthetic Essential #1: Faux Fur Coat

A faux fur coat is the first Mob Wife Aesthetic essential to turn you into a boss babe. I mean, of course, we are sticking to fake fur since, nowadays, we are smart & educated enough not to opt for the real fur version. Besides, the fakes look even better than the real ones anyway! Find here a huge collection of faux fur coats for your ultimate mobster babe look!

Mob Wife Aesthetic Essential #2: Dark Sunglasses

Dark sunglasses that cover almost half of your face are a mob wife aesthetic MUST! Not only will you look luxurious, but the fact that they cover part of your face will give you the air of someone important like the wife of a mobster. Find here some sunglasses that are just perfect!

Mob Wife Aesthetic Essential #3: Dark Gloves

To look chic & expensive, you need to round off your mob boss babe look with dark gloves. No matter if you go for PU leather or any other fabric, the main thing is the color. Dark green, black, dark red, or dark brown are perfect colors. Find here some suitable gloves.

Mob Wife Aesthetic Essential #4: Dark Nail Polish

Since the mob operates underground, women must match their manicures to this lifestyle. Black, dark red and dark green nail polish will give you more of a bad, dangerous, dark vibe. If you use dip nails, a gel manicure, or regular nail polish, it’s up to you. Find here some great colors.

Mob Wife Aesthetic Essential #5: Chunky Gold Jewelry

Since your husband makes a ish ton of money (we won´t look at the legality of his business), you need to show off your fortune. Wearing chunky gold jewelry is the mob wife aesthetic it-piece. Whether you opt for chunky necklaces, one-piece or layered, or gold bracelets and rings, they have to be big & in gold! Find yours here.

Find here the ultimate guide on how to layer necklaces without tangling!

Mob Wife Aesthetic Essential #6: Leopard Print

Whether your faux fur coat needs to sport the leopard print, top, or bottoms, it doesn´t matter; a bit of cheetah is enough. Find here some leopard print items that´ll fit your style!

Mob Wife Aesthetic Essentials #7: Black Purse

To complete your mob wife aesthetic look, you need the right purse or handbag. By now, you should recognize a pattern and be able to guess that your bag should be black with some gold accents! I mean, your husband is a mob boss, so you have to look expensive! Find here some great handbags that just scream mob wifey!

Take Away

If you combine all those essentials, you will turn yourself into a mafia boss babe and look like power, money, and luxury! Do you need some other inspiration? Then you should check out the other blog posts!