Mob Wife Makeup – The Ultimate Tutorial to Murder That Look!

Mob Wife Makeup – The Ultimate Tutorial to Murder That Look!

mob wife makeup
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Creating a full face of the mob wife makeup involves embracing bold, grungy, and glamorous elements. Here’s a step-by-step tutorial for a mob wife-inspired look with smokey eyes and dark lips!

Mob Wife Makeup – Face:

#1. Prep your skin

  • Start with a clean, moisturized face.
  • Apply a primer to create a smooth base for your mob wife makeup.

#2. Foundation

  • Choose a foundation that provides full coverage for a flawless look.
  • Blend it evenly across your face and neck.

#3. Concealer

  • Use a concealer to cover any blemishes or dark circles.
  • Apply it under your eyes, on the bridge of your nose, and on your forehead to highlight.

#4. Setting powder

  • Set your foundation and concealer with a translucent setting powder to prevent shine.

Mob Wife Makeup – Eyes:

#1. Eyebrows

  • Fill in your eyebrows with a pencil or powder for a natural yet defined look.

#2. Eyeshadow

  • Choose earthy tones like brown, taupe, or mauve for the eyeshadow.
  • Apply a medium-toned shade on the entire lid.
  • Use a darker shade in the crease and outer corners to create a smokey effect.
  • Blend well to avoid harsh lines.

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#3. Eyeliner

  • Line your upper lash line with a black or dark brown eyeliner.
  • Optionally, extend the liner slightly past the outer corners for a subtle cat-eye effect.
  • Apply a thin line of eyeliner to the lower lash line.

#4. Mascara

  • Apply a generous coat of mascara to both upper and lower lashes for a bold look.

Mob Wife Makeup – Cheeks

#1. Blush

  • Opt for a matte, warm-toned blush in shades like terracotta or rose.
  • Apply it to the apples of your cheeks for a natural flush.

#2. Contour

Use a matte bronzer or contour powder to define your cheekbones, jawline, and nose.

Mob Wife Makeup – Lips

#1. Lip liner:

  • Choose a dark lip liner in shades like burgundy, brown, or deep plum.
  • Outline and slightly overline your lips for that iconic mob wife makeup look.

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#2. Lipstick:

  • Fill in your lips with a dark, matte lipstick that complements your lip liner.
  • Blot with a tissue and reapply for long-lasting color.

Final Touch:

#1. Setting spray:

  • Set your makeup with a setting spray to keep it in place throughout the day.

Remember, the mob wife makeup aesthetic is about embracing bold features and experimenting with darker, grungier tones. Feel free to customize this tutorial based on your preferences and the specific products you have.