Ovulation Tracking – 5 ways to track your fertile days!

Ovulation Tracking – 5 ways to track your fertile days!

ovulation tracking
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Did you know that you´re actually only a couple of days able to get pregnant during every cycle? Tracking your fertility can be a hormonal-free way of contraception or help you get pregnant if you are actively trying to conceive. Here are 5 ways of ovulation tracking that can help you determine your fertile days.

1. Track your cycle

The first and easiest way for ovulation tracking is using a menstrual tracking app. Those apps will ask you to log your period, the cycle lengths, etc., to calculate the fertile window. Since those apps don´t actually measure the hormones in your body, those stats are an estimate and shouldn´t be used as a contraceptive method.

2. Use a saliva test

Ovulation tracking via saliva can be a fast way to check if you´re ovulating. Once the saliva is dried, it will form a pattern that lets you know if you´re fertile. There are saliva tests that can tell immediately if you are ovulating.

3. Measure your Basal Body Temperature (BBT)

Your Basal Body Temperature varies throughout your cycle. Measuring your BBT consistently over several months could be used as ovulation tracking. Special thermometers are connected with apps to help with tracking and documenting.

4. Monitor your cervical mucus and position

Like your BBT and saliva change throughout your cycle, so do your cervical mucus and the position of your cervix. Monitoring and documenting the position and the mucus could support ovulation tracking. Here is a guide on how your cervical mucus and position should feel during ovulation.

5. Ovulation tracking kits

There are different ovulation tracking kits to monitor fertile days. They will measure the hormones in your urine and determine your fertile days.

Do you know how your menstrual cycle works?

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