Personal Hygiene at the Gym – 7 Simple Rules to Follow!

Personal Hygiene at the Gym – 7 Simple Rules to Follow!

personal hygiene at the gym
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Working out at the gym can make us feel good, healthy & fit … but if you don´t keep your personal hygiene at the gym in mind, you might risk breakouts, acne, other skin problems, or even worse, infections! Find here 7 simple rules to follow at the gym to keep your personal hygiene up.

Using a Fresh Towel After Each Workout

Using a fresh towel and washing it after each workout is crucial for your personal hygiene. Sweat contains bacteria and oils; reusing the same towel can lead to skin issues and odors. A clean towel removes sweat and bacteria, promoting healthy skin and a more comfortable post-workout experience. Make it a habit for a fresh and confident fitness journey! Find here workout towel sets

Don´t Touch Your Face While Working Out

Refraining from touching your face during a workout is essential to prevent the transfer of bacteria, sweat, and dirt from your hands. Your hands pick up germs and irritants from various surfaces, and touching your face increases the risk of skin issues and infections. Keeping your hands away from your face helps maintain your personal hygiene and clear and healthy skin, minimizing the chances of post-workout skin concerns.

Don´t Plaster Your Face with Make-Up

Wearing excessive makeup at the gym can trap sweat, clog pores, and contribute to acne and skin irritation. Minimal or no makeup allows your skin to breathe during workouts, reducing the risk of skincare issues.

Change Your Clothes After Working Out

Choosing not to wear gym clothes at home after a workout is a smart move for your personal hygiene. Gym attire absorbs sweat and bacteria, and refraining from wearing it at home helps prevent the transfer of contaminants. This practice reduces the risk of skin irritation and maintains a cleaner living space, contributing to a more comfortable and health-conscious environment.

Protect Your Soles

Wearing flip-flops or slides in the gym shower is highly recommended. Gym showers can harbor bacteria, fungi, and other potential infections. Protective footwear acts as a barrier, reducing direct contact with these contaminants and minimizing the risk of foot infections such as athlete’s foot or plantar warts. It’s a simple yet effective measure to promote personal hygiene and ensure a safer experience in communal shower spaces.

Washing Your Sports Bra after every Workout

Make it a habit to wash your sports bra after every workout to prevent the accumulation of sweat, bacteria, and oils. Regular washing not only maintains personal hygiene and prevents odors but also extends the life of the fabric, ensuring ongoing comfort and support during your exercise sessions.

Here is the ultimate guide on how to wash your sports bras properly!

Showering after a Workout

Showering after the gym is crucial to remove sweat, bacteria, and oils, preventing skin issues and body odor. It also cleanses pores, reduces the risk of acne, and promotes muscle recovery by enhancing blood circulation. Beyond personal hygiene, a post-workout shower refreshes and prepares you for the day, contributing to overall well-being.