Straight Hair without Heat – Sleek & Silky Hair Overnight!

Straight Hair without Heat – Sleek & Silky Hair Overnight!

Straight hair without heat overnight
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Straight hair looks sexy & expensive … it can even look a little bit healthier than curly hair. But taming curls to get that sleek hair usually means using heat. There are a few ways to get straight hair without heat. Wrapping hair overnight is a technique commonly used to achieve straight hair without the use of heat styling tools. Here’s a super simple step-by-step tutorial on how to do it!

Wash Your Hair

Start by washing your hair with shampoo & conditioner as you normally would. If you use a shampoo & conditioner with straightening properties, you can support your straight hair without heat process. Towel dry your hair gently to remove excess water, but don’t completely dry it. With an emphasis on gently.

Apply Styling Product 

Apply a styling product like a smoothing serum or cream to your damp hair to help with the straightening process and to keep it smooth and frizz-free.

Part Your Hair

Use a hair-parting comb to part your hair in the desired style. You can part it down the middle or to the side for a straight and sleek look.

Begin Wrapping

Start by taking a small section of your hair from one side of your head near the front and wrapping it tightly around your head, moving towards the back. Continue wrapping this section until you reach the opposite side of your head. The key is to wrap the hair tightly and close to your scalp so it lies straight and can´t curl.

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Secure with Bobby Pins

Once you have wrapped the first section of hair around your head, use bobby pins to secure it. You´ll need quite a bit of bobby pins! Make sure the pins are secure so the hair doesn’t come loose while you sleep.

Repeat Wrapping

Continue wrapping sections of hair around your head in the same manner, working from the front to the back until all of your hair is wrapped around your head. Make sure each section is wrapped tightly and secured with pins.

Sleep on it

Leave the wrapped hair in place overnight while you sleep. Cover your hair with a silk bonnet to protect it, reduce friction, and help maintain its straightness.

Unwrap in the Morning

When you wake up in the morning, carefully remove the clips or pins from your hair and gently unwrap your straight hair without heat from around your head. You should notice that your hair is smoother and straighter than before.

Style as Desired

Once you have unwrapped your hair, you can style it further. You can brush it to smooth out any kinks or apply a little bit of styling product for added shine and control.

This method works by essentially “training” your hair to dry in a straighter position while it is wrapped around your head overnight. It’s particularly effective for those with wavy or slightly curly hair who are looking to achieve a straighter look without using heat styling tools.