Heatless Beach Waves Overnight – Super Easy Tutorial!

Heatless Beach Waves Overnight – Super Easy Tutorial!

heatless beach waves overnight
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Wavey hair looks so good, but using a curling iron to style it means exposing it to heat. An excessive use of heat on your hair can damage not just the hair itself but its structure as well. Find here a super easy 3-step tutorial for heatless beach waves overnight!

Heatless Beach Waves Overnight

If you want to style heatless beach waves, you need some time. The beach hairstyle can be created overnight while you sleep.

Heatless beach waves step #1

To create your heatless waves, either wash your hair or wet it slightly with water. To add texture, you should now spray your hair with sea salt spray and comb it through.

Did you know that you can make sea salt spray yourself? Find here an easy recipe for a nourishing texture spray perfect for this hairstyle!

Heatless beach waves step #2

Now divide your hair into two to four sections – how many sections are perfect depends on how thick your hair is. The thicker your hair, the more strands you should separate. Now, braid the individual strands into loose plaits. You can use fine hair elastics to secure your hair at the bottom. Another heatless method is to roll the strands into tiny duds on your head instead of braiding them and securing them with a hair tie.

For the waves to form, they need to dry now. Since this is a heatless method, you should do it before bed and let them set overnight.

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Heatless beach waves step #3

The next morning or when your hair is completely dry, you can undo the plaits or duds and roughly comb through your hair with your fingers. You can also use a wide-toothed comb for combing. Combing your hair with a regular brush would destroy your heatless beach waves. To finish the look, you can now use Sea Salt Spray and a little hairspray.

Whether you use braiding or the dud method to create this hot hairstyle, this wavy look will turn you into the ultimate beach babe. Check the other blog posts out if you’re looking for more trends!