What helps with Sunburn? – Immediate Relief and Remedies!

What helps with Sunburn? – Immediate Relief and Remedies!

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Warm temperatures and sunshine are good for body and soul. But if you spend too much time in the sun without the proper protection, you can quickly end up with a painful sunburn. Read here which remedies provide immediate relief, which home remedies can be an effective secret weapon, and which you should definitely avoid.

Immediate Sunburn Relief:

Get out of the sun immediately

This is the first immediate measure for sunburn. You should immediately get out of the sun to avoid putting even more strain on already damaged and stressed skin. Get into the shade, go inside, or cover your skin with clothing.

Drink Water

Sunburn causes the body to lose an incredible amount of fluid. To allow the skin to recover and heal quickly, it is important to drink enough fluids – preferably water, unsweetened teas, or juice spritzers.

Moist Compresses

Moist compresses can work wonders for sunburn. Wet washcloths or small towels with cold water and apply to the affected area. As soon as the compresses have warmed up, soak them in cold water again and apply them.

Use cooling “after-sun” creams, gels or lotions

One of the best remedies for sunburn is after-sun products. These have been specially developed for sun-stressed skin and can relieve pain and inflammation.

Home Remedies for Sunburn

There are some home remedies that can help immediately with sunburn:

Greek Yogurt for Cooling

Probably the best-known home remedy is Greek yogurt. Apply a thin layer of chilled Greek yogurt to the sunburn. As soon as the curd has warmed up, remove it with a damp washcloth and apply a fresh layer.

Medicinal Honey

Honey has anti-inflammatory properties. If you want to treat a sunburn with honey, you should definitely use medicinal honey. “Household honey” can be contaminated and make the skin irritation worse.

You don’t have to worry about sun damage with self-tanner

Cold Camomile or Black Tea Compresses 

In addition to moist compresses with water, compresses with cold chamomile tea can provide additional relief. Chamomile tea can have an anti-inflammatory effect.

Black tea can also provide relief. The tannins in black tea, in particular, help to soothe sunburn.

Either treat the skin with the cooled tea bags or make cold compresses with the teas.

Aloe Vera Plant

Aloe vera plants are very popular in skin care. This also helps with sun-stressed skin. The plants are extremely moisturizing and anti-inflammatory. If you have a plant at home, cut off a piece and treat the affected areas of skin with it. You can also use an aloe gel for this.

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No effective home remedies for sunburn!

As practical as home remedies can be, there are also some that can irritate sun-stressed skin even more. So you should stay away from:

Apple cider vinegar and lemon juice

The acid in apple cider vinegar and lemon juice can further irritate the skin and lead to inflammation.

Ice cubes and cool packs

Ice packs or ice cubes are unsuitable for sunburn. As the skin is already damaged and cannot regulate the temperature properly, this could lead to frostbite.

In summer, it is extremely important to protect your skin properly from the sun. If you are looking for other practical lifestyle tips, you are welcome to read the other blog posts!