Heatless Curls – Style the Look without a Curling Iron!

Heatless Curls – Style the Look without a Curling Iron!

heatless curls
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Curls can make you look cheeky and fresh. However, a curling iron is usually needed to create the look, which means you have to expose your hair to heat … However, there are a few methods to avoid tools that use heat! Find here a hair-friendly way to create heatless curls.

Heatless Curls with Curlers

You can create curls without heat using curlers. The spiral curlers are a great alternative to a curling iron and are super easy to use with a little practice:

Heatless Curls Step #1:

To make curls without heat using curlers, your hair should be slightly damp. Either let your hair dry a little after washing or spray your dry hair with water or Sea Salt Spray.

Find here a super easy recipe to make your own sea salt spray!

Heatless Curls Step #2:

Next, pull a curler over the included tool, which looks like a giant crochet hook. Now separate a fine strand about 1 cm to 2 cm wide. Place the “crochet hook,” with the curler pulled over it, at the base of the fine, damp strand.

If you want to style beach waves without heat next, you can find the tutorial here!

To place the strand in the curler, hook the strand into the eyelet, hold the curler firmly, and pull the “crochet hook” out of the curler with the strand facing downwards. After the third strand, you should have gotten the hang of it, and the “threading” should be quick and painless. Repeat this until you have threaded all your hair into the curler.

Heatless Curls Part  #3:

To give your hair time to curl, leave the curlers until it is completely dry. Once your hair is dry, simply pull the curlers down and out.

This method is perfect for creating heatless curls overnight. You simply thread your damp hair into the curlers before going to bed and remove them when you get up. The advantage is that the curlers are soft and flexible, and you can sleep comfortably with them.

To avoid ruining your newly formed curls without heat, you can comb through them with a comb with wide teeth.